Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc. Launches LidoAID, a New Portable Form of Fast-Acting Lidocaine Pain Relieving Gel

LidoAID Portable Pain Relieving Gel

Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc., well-known makers of medical equipment and pet health supplies have introduced a potent new solution to rapidly relieve topical pain and itching.

Called LidoAID, the solution is administered topically via spray pump, and is so compact that it fits in your pocket. This “portable pain panacea” is extra-strong, with the maximum percentage of Lidocaine allowed at 4 percent. LidoAID starts working almost instantly, and is great for combating bug bites, scrapes, cuts, abrasions and many other painful mishaps.

Simply spray LidoAID onto the affected area, and pain relief is right around the corner. It’s great for gardening, fishing, camping, carpentry, first aid applications and so much more. LidoAID is the perfect addition to any purse, backpack, toolbox or tackle box... LidoAID can truly save the day! 

LidoAID is available now on the company’s website,, along with other retailers and distributors.

Source: Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc.


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